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Kinesis Konnection is the best Phoenix based gym that focuses solely on results. Life is all about being the best you can be inside about out. Our Phoenix gym is geared towards giving you the best life you can live. Moving your body through specific ranges of motion that mimic life, work your body as it is designed to move.
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Large Group Training

Large group Kinesis Classes are designed for 10 on 1 training. Choose from over 20 classes per week.
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Small Group Training

Small group Kinesis Classes are designed for 4 on 1 training. Motivate yourself. Motivate Others. Get it Done.
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Personal Training

Personal Training at Kinesis is individual, private, and 1 on 1.
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Chris holds a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University in Kinesiology. He has been a personal trainer since 1995. Chris has worked with the full spectrum of clients from High School aged athletes to retirees wanting to stay active. Chris has worked in large health clubs, country clubs and in personal training studios. Chris enjoys spending time with his family, music, skateboarding, DJing and being outdoors as much as

Chris Horgen

Master Trainer
I started training in 1999 and, if I’m honest, spent the first 3 years experimenting with fads and trying to make my clients sweat. As time passed I noticed a trend; consistent effort of any sort would yield a result, yet quickly fade the instant life returned to normal. Effort, by itself, only added onto what already exists…and the blunt truth is most of us are not perfect specimens of movement and nutrition. What was

Michael Alsup

Master Trainer
Natalie is a Senior Athletic Trainer student at Grand Canyon University. She is interning over the summer at Kinesis Konnection. She has worked with various types of people such as division 1 athletes, high school athletes, as well as within a physical therapy clinic. She has previously worked with the GCU clubs sports teams, 2 local high schools, and completed an internship at Physiotherapy Associates Clinic. Her goals are to

Natalie Martos

Lindsay holds a bachelor’s degree from Northern Arizona University in Exercise Science. She has been a personal trainer since 2001. Before opening her own studio, she worked in many areas of the fitness world. From Physical Therapy Clinics, to study based Personal Training facility, to large health clubs. She is passionate about improving the health and wellness of people through creating healthy lifestyles. Life it about

Lindsay Hyzer

Master Trainer

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