At Kinesis Konnection we are determined to give you the tools needed to achieve your health and wellness goals. Pick the program that works for you.
The Arcadia and Biltmore areas top master personal trainers hold you accountable in your journey to meet and exceed your fitness goals.


Transform your body.
Develop functional fitness using natural, everyday movements on the Kinesis Wall, TRX, Kettlebells, Bosu, Step360, and more.

Personal Training

Get results fast with customized workouts.
Master personal trainers work with Phoenix's top althletes. Individual needs and goals are met with each and every session.


October 7, 2014
Butternut Squash Anyone!

The last couple weeks I have been tempted to buy butternut squash, but was “afraid” if I would like it, how to make it, […]



There's no such thing as a simple row or chest press at Kinesis Konnection. Instead, the studio's trainers combine these traditional moves with functional ones — such as squats, bends, or steps — in order to make them more effective at improving balance, flexibility, core stability, and overall strength.
These 45-minute workouts fill the studio's schedule and welcome students of all fitness levels: participants can customize their weight capacity and pace to make workouts more challenging or easier than stealing candy from a baby who hates candy.
  • Burn 30-50% More Calories Per Class
  • Full Body Functional Training In Every Class
  • Results Guaranteed!

Kinesis refers to movement. Kinesis training takes traditional exercises (like chest press, lat pull, row) and combines them with functional movements (like stepping, squatting, bending, or balancing). It develops balance, core stability, flexibility, and overall strength for people of all fitness levels.

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