People ask me daily, “Well, what exactly do you eat?”  So here it is, how I make the time to PREPARE my foods and meals to ensure proper nutrition and a no fail plan.

My current focus is to move everyday, 3-4 HIIT workouts or metabolic conditioning (preferably kinesis), 2-3 runs per week, daily stretching, and daily foam rolling.  As far as my nutrition goes, I am eating low carb, no grains no added sugars no artificial sweeteners and limiting my dairy.  When we group of our foods into “cant’s” it makes it less stressful.  Instead of focusing on what you can’t eat, I focus on all the things I can eat.  Over the past 9 months I have been focusing on refining and defining my bodies needs.  I have learned that I am really sensitive to grains (not necessarily gluten as I do not eat a “gluten free” diet), and I am now learning that I may have a slight sensitivity to dairy as well.  It amazes me, that we don’t know how horrible we feel until we actually feel good!  Slowly omitting processed and refined foods is the trick.  Pick one or two things that you want to focus on at a time and as you adapt your lifestyle to those changes, work on changing something else.  I happen to be an all or nothing person, if I allow myself 1 cookie I will eat the whole bag of oreos so I know that I just can not have them in the house!  This doesn’t mean I never eat them or that I will never be eating them in the future, I am just omitting them as a staple in my diet.


Day 1: Monday Sept 25

Breakfast: Berry Blast Smoothie

(while my smoothy is blending I take my Genesis Pure Vitamin Line– See image below)

-10 oz Unsweetend Vanilla Almond Milk

-1 TBSP coconut oil

-1 TBSP Bee Pollen

-1 Scoop HealthTrim Complete Shake Super Berry 

-Handful Baby Spinach

-1 TBSP Unsweetend Coconut Flakes

-1/4 cup Frozen No Sugar Added Blueberries

-1 TBSP Mila (ground chia seeds or ground flax seed)

*Pure Cafe with 8oz Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

Snack: Quest Bar Apple Pie and Genesis Pure Energy with Wheat Grass (Sugar Free Grape)

Kinesis Class: Kevin’s 45 min Barefoot Boot Camp with E2 Pre-workout Cherry Blast

Lunch: Turkey and Kale Salad

-4 cups Kale

-1 TBSP Sliced Almonds

-3 Slices Mesquite Turkey

-1/2 cup black beans

-2 different types of sprouts

-Newman’s Own- Olive Oil and Vinegar Dressing

Snack: 23 Almonds

Dinner:  Flank Steak and Sautéed Veggies

– Grilled Flank Steak

– Sautéed Green Beans and Zucchini

(thanks to my awesome husband dinner was ready when I got home from work so I have no idea how he seasoned it, I do know that it was no added sugar or carbs, imagining it was olive oil and dry seasonings)

* 110 oz Water

I wake up every morning at 4:10am, I get myself ready and head to the kitchen to prepare my food for the day.  While my smoothie is blending in my awesome Vitamix I prepare my salad (and Zachery’s lunch) and my snacks.  Monday’s I work 15 hours so I have to make sure I bring all my food with me.  It saves time and money!

I am not going to lie, it has taken me a long time to finally get to the point that I am planning and prepping every meal and snack in advance.  Once you get a taste of feeling amazing you will never go back!  I have so much more energy, I am focused, and feel unstoppable.


I have never been one to try and get my nutrients from supplements, however, the cleaner I am eating I am realizing that I can not get the nutrients my body needs just from my food, we just can’t eat enough in a day to make that happen.

Acai Plus- the “beauty berry”.  “Wow your skin looks good.” -Cola   After just 5 days of taking 1 oz in the morning and afternoon

Goji- the “happy berry”.

Fusion- combines all the superfruits into one to save time and money.

Coral Calcium- supports strong bones. I have osteoarthritis in my knee so I am hoping to get some relief by taking this.

Daily Build– liquid multivitamin that is absorbed within 9 min and interacting with your cells in 15 min!  If there is only one thing you can afford to add to your regimen, this would be it!

GoYin– promote overall wellness and well being.

(Tiny toes not suggested for consumption!  😉  )

**If you have any questions about these supplements, please feel free to email me at  Or visit for more details.