WoW!  What an amazing week.  Met so many amazing people on the same journey as myself.  Better health being number one.  We are bombarded by incredibly distasteful marketing by big brands like McDonalds, Kellogg’s, Little Debbie, just to name a few.  As a mom of two little eager ears, its a constant battle #eatclean #behealthy #livepure!

I will fight, and fight to the end to give my body and my children’s bodies the best I can. Educating the masses daily!

This week meal prepping and planning has been focused on back to school. Not only for the kiddos but for me as well.  Making low carb/paleo muffins, pancakes, puddings, and waffles to stock our freezer for easy breakfasts and lunches.  Creating quick pre-made lunches that give them the tools they need to fuel their bodies and focus throughout the whole day!  #peanutbutterandjellymuffins #milaproteinpancakes fresh fruit and fresh veggies.  Feels amazing.

My primary focus is stepping up my workouts this week.  Heavier more focused lifting mixed with #metabolicconditioning has transformed my workouts and my body!  I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring.

Loving the @fitapproach #activelivingchallenge.  Just what the doctor ordered to get this fitness nut and mother of 2 focused on what is most important….better health and better life!

Thank you and for all the support

Make it a great weekend.

Week 1 Recap:

Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins– Freeze for amazing lunches (I substituted date sugar with stevia, peanut butter for almond butter, oat flour for almond flour)Peanut butter and Jelly Muffins

Pure Protein with Unsweetend Almond Milk- Giving me and my kids the power and nutrients we need! Great for post workout fuel too!

Healthy %22milk shake%22

Mila Pudding- Great for Breakfast, Treat or Lunches

Chia Pudding

Clean Eating Chicken Nuggets– I took out the coconut and added Mila for my second batch…much better!

Chicken Nuggets

Love this Kid: Zach Treadmill

Stepping up my workout! HIIT Tabata

Kayla LOVES Pullups: #trxpullups

Kayla pullups

Post workout snooze…#proudmama

Post workout nap



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