Eating Clean and Pure on a Budget- Via

By Lindsay Hyzer On Friday, October 11 th, 2013 · no Comments · In

I just had to share this one!  We have been trying to eat clean and healthy on a budget for just about a year, and it has taken a lot of preparation and time, which I feel is worth it with a young family.  I was so excited to see this post that I just had to share.  She has been committed to eating clean on a VERY low budget for 3 years.  I can’t wait to read all of her post about eating clean on a budget.  I would be extatic to walk out of the grocery store week after week under $125 FOR A FAMILY OF 4!  I range anywhere from $100-$250 for a family of 4!

Who is with me to make this commitment???

Check out her blog: