Hereditary Cancer Risk vs. Environmental Cancer Risk

By Lindsay Hyzer On Wednesday, October 09 th, 2013 · one Comment · In


Only 5-10% of cancers are hereditary.  What does that mean for you?  What are you doing to offset your risk of dying from environmental cancers?  Do you really know what is in your food, air, and water that could be causing these cancers to grow?  The best line of defence is to eat as clean as we can, foods that are high in nutrients, low in carcinagens, and CLEANSE BALANCE BUILD!

You can’t build a house on a rocky foundation, CLEANSE the body to create a stable platform.  BALANCE the body to allow the reactions in our bodies to perform how they were made to perform.  And BUILD the body using PURE vitamins that the body can actually absorb and utilize!




Cancer Prevention Tips:

* Exercise- 

* Eat a diet rich in colors and nutritients

* Eat an Alkaline Diet

* Maintain a healthy weight



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