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Happy Labor Day Weekend!  Three day weekends are amazing for 3 reasons: friends and family, food, and a mini vaca!  However, for most there are enormous amounts of temptations.  Here are a few healthy tips for surviving holiday weekend without derailing your healthy lifestyle.

1. Never go to a BBQ or party hungry.  Eat a healthy snack packed with good fats, protein and fiber.

2. Get in a fat scorching, high intensity workout before you go.  This will help you feel fabulous and decrease the chance of over eating.

3. Drink plenty of water before you go and while you are there.

4. Chose your choice of beverage before you go, and bring it with you.

5. Bring a healthy dish to share so you know that at least there will be one thing you can eat without regret.

6. Make a healthy (paleo or atkins) dessert.  Low or no grains, stevia, fresh fruit, or dark chocolate for sweeteners.  Ex. Grilled Fruit, dark chocolate almonds sprinkled with unsweetend coconut.

7. Avoid foods you can’t have just one of.  Like chips!

8. Fill your plate with veggies first.

9. Don’t stand by the food, avoid being in front of it as much as you can.

10.  If you do indulge, make sure you are indulging in MODERATION!  It is perfectly acceptable to cave or steer away from your healthy lifestyle every once in a while.  However, make sure you got your workout in before hand and you don’t OVER INDULGE!


An example of the perfect healthy party table!