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New Year Weight Loss


I know we are still weeks away from 2015.  With the average American gaining 7 pounds through the holiday season, I can’t help but start to think about how I can impact peoples lives and help them create the lifestyle change to create the weight loss they have been looking for.  Is it time to make 2015 your BEST year EVER?


What is holding you back?  Here are a few tips and tricks that I, as a master personal trainer, have found to be helpful over the past 13 years of transforming lives and creating significant weight loss:

1. Know where you are and where you were.

– The easiest way to create a lifestyle change for weight loss and complete transformation is to figure out where you were and what you have been doing “wrong” in the past.  Start your journey today by logging all of your food, beverages, and activity.  I don’t recommend change until you know what to change.  Every “body” is different and responds different to everything.  That is evident in our community.  There are some people who can eat anything and everything and maintain a healthy body, and there are some (like me) who look at foods which are higher in carbs or sugars and I gain 3 pounds, if I eat it, I gain 5 pounds.  If you see how you have been eating or how little you have been moving you can now determine what needs to be changed to create a healthier lifestyle.

2. Change one thing at a time.

– I always recommend starting with one demon at a time.  Evaluate your habits and pick one that you feel is the hardest to change.  For some that might be candy, or bread, or pasta, or eating out every night.  For others it might be adding something in like more greens, more salads, more lean meats, or even EATING BREAKFAST!  Then when you feel like you have conquered that change you can move onto the next step.  Warning- it may take 60-90 days to really overcome that challenge….and that is OK!  Be patient.  And work your way towards the 80/20 principle to create complete weight loss.

3. Move more.

– Use an app on your phone or buy a tracking device that will tell you how much or how little you have moved each day. Each week try to beat that number, as your body gets used to the movement and “work” you will start craving it.

4. Self Evaluation.

– Sit down with yourself and figure out what the triggers are to eat.  Stress, depression, anxiety, joy, happiness, bored….emotional eating can sabotage any lifestyle change as well as your health!  Finding alternative ways to cope with your emotions is key to successful weight loss.  Seeking professional help from a life coach or therapist is highly recommended.  Our life is full of high pressure, little time, and lack of “me time”.  I feel like we are always “ON”.  Getting guidance to help you balance your life and work is crucial.

5. See it big, keep it simple!

– Always have your end goal in mind and FEEL it!  Make it tangible, picture yourself at your goal….visualize it every day and take simple baby steps toward your goal with every decision you make.  It’s your choice…..COMMIT!


2015 Is your year!  There is no reason you should not succeed in your goals.  Deciding your goal and formulating a plan is half the battle.  Write it down, make a vision board, and go for it.  YOU DESERVE IT!