Master Trainer

Kristen Robinson

Kristen comes to Kinesis Konnection as an East Coast Global Industry Leader. She has 12 years of experience educating trainers, graduating over 400 elite trainers as the Director of Education at National Personal Training Institute. She also has worked in Cardiac Care as a first assist in invasive cardiology, in addition to 9 years of emergency room experience. She competed in the NPC in bodybuilding, winning national competitions and going pro in 1991.

Kristen has over 20 years in the fitness industry working in corporate fitness in over 6 locations for Pro Fitness. She holds Bachelors in Human Performance and Exercise Physiology from SCSU. She has taught for NASM, ACE, CSCS, and worked as an adjunct teaching in the exercise science program at Norwalk Community College . We welcome her to Arizona and our Kinesis Konnection family.

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