Master Trainer

Michael Alsup

I started training in 1999 and, if I’m honest, spent the first 3 years experimenting with fads and trying to make my clients sweat. As time passed I noticed a trend; consistent effort of any sort would yield a result, yet quickly fade the instant life returned to normal. Effort, by itself, only added onto what already exists…and the blunt truth is most of us are not perfect specimens of movement and nutrition. What was needed was a fundamental change, a regression to perfection and then the addition of progression. Providing Perfect Fitness, to me, isn’t a catchphrase. It’s an exact definition of what is required to look and feel the way you want. It’s a title to a long list of measurable standards with known ideals. It’s a steady progression that treats the body as one unit. It’s a result that can withstand the realities of real life. And it’s something anyone can do. Perfect Fitness: The ability to effectively perform any activity without injury and with quick recovery.  

Let’s tackle this together. As a personal trainer I believe your routine should be personal. We will assess how your body moves, identify what’s working right and then progress smoothly to your goal. Similarly, it’s my job to know how to work the system. I realize not everyone has 1-hour, 4 days per week to spare…not everyone thinks this stuff is fun. Fitness doesn’t need to be a weighted result, let’s find what works for you.


 1 of only 20 trainers selected nationwide by NASM to receive the NASM Elite Trainer


 Specifically selected by to design routines for the Dr. Oz “Move It and Lose It”

challenge and served as a featured trainer for general fitness advice on forums.

 Over 16-years experience.

 Specializing in Corrective Exercise and Body Weight High Performance & Endurance.





Skills Functional Training, Personal Training, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Movement Screen Analysis, Progressive Exercise Program Design, High Performance and Endurance Training

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